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Family Therapy

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Family and systemic psychotherapy which is also known as family therapy can help those in close relationships to better understand and support each other.  There is strong evidence that Family Therapy is helpful for individuals, couples, families and professional systems with a variety of difficulties such as: 

  • Families and couples who want to build closer and happier relationships. 

  • Families facing specific challenges like alcoholism, mental illness, physical illness, bereavement, eating disorders, ageing, family conflicts, cultural adjustments, trauma, etc. 

  • Families who are worried about a family member’s behaviour. 

  • Families fostering and adopting children. 

  • Parents who want to divorce or separate in a way that focuses on their children’s happiness and needs. 

  • Any family, at any stage of life, who would like someone to help them talk about difficult things together in a way that’s safe, open, creative and useful. 

Family therapy involves family members (and/or important others) meeting to explore thoughts and feelings safely as a way to gain understanding of each other’s points of view to then build on existing strengths to make changes that can improve relationships. Family Therapy works flexibly to help people understand as much as they can from each person’s point of view and to plan how to make changes.

‘Family’ can mean different things to different people, so ‘family’ is used to describe any group of people who care about each other and call themselves a family. Sessions can also be with people on their own, e.g. a child or young person, brothers and sisters, parents/carers and can also involve step parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, carers and at times professionals working with the family. Family therapy tries to include whoever is important to the family. 

Family therapists respect the importance of each person’s beliefs, culture, and life experiences. They will adapt their approach and activities to suit the ages, needs, and preferences of each family they see.

Family therapists will at times when appropriate support teams when several different agencies are supporting a family. They try to make sure that everyone is working together in a way the family finds helpful. For further information about Family Therapy please see here.

Sessions are typically for one hour and fortnightly, however this will be agreed together based on your needs as a family.  The amount of sessions required will depend on the individual needs of your family and this will be discussed and reviewed with you. 

Session fee is £75-£95. 

As part of our mission to be accessible to as many families as possible we are offering a reduced rate scheme. Reduced rates are available to families who are currently claiming Universal credit more information in FAQ section. Please note there is a 48 hour cancellation period required otherwise full fee will apply once a session has been agreed.


If you would like to discuss more about Family Therapy please get in contact below. 

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