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Diversity love and unity partnership as heart hands in groups of diverse people connected

How it all began....

It all began over a cup of tea as it often does but this time virtually due to a global pandemic. 

The idea of an organisation which helps to ‘strengthen our relationship together’ was born out of shared values and a passion for trying to make interventions accessible to as many families as possible. SORT's intention is to be an inclusive organisation where every voice is heard and everyone is welcome. To be accessible to families who may not meet the criteria for specialist support or interventions within the local authority or NHS. 


SORT's mission is to develop a community that is not only for the time of the intervention but a community that you can come back to for help, support and a guiding hand through our blogs, resources, seminars and other parents you met on your journey.

SORT would like to acknowledge the contribution of Kim Thomson in the initial development of the organisation. Her contributions have been of great value to support in the creation of the vision and the launch of the organisation. 

Nicole Brannan

Nicole is a Social worker/ Trainee Systemic Practitioner with 9 years’ experience working in CAMHS and Local Authority. Her area of interest is parenting support, working with parents/carers who are feeling stuck in their journey towards being the family and/or parent they wanted to be. Nicole’s aim in her work is to hear the parent/carers story, how does parenting feel for them right now? What supports in their parenting journey but what makes it more difficult? Nicole aims to provide a safe space where parents/carers can be honest, without fear of judgement to work together, sharing knowledge and experiences to achieve change. 

Nicole is professionally registered with Social Work England 


picture of Nicole Brannan

Louise Chapman












Louise is professionally registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapist (UKCP) and the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC).


Louise is an Art Psychotherapist and, Systemic and Family Psychotherapist with more than 14 years’ experience of working in private and public sector organisations. She has worked as a Psychotherapist in residential care, privately with foster care agencies and adoptions support services. Alongside this work she has also worked in community and inpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). The areas that interest Louise are working with looked after children, eating disorders, supporting young people and families who have experienced trauma and relationship difficulties. Louise’s training and experience has offered her skills in supporting couples, parents, individuals, young people, families and in running groups.

picture of Louise Chapman
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