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Incredible Year Parenting Programme

What is Incredible Years?

We specialise in a variety of parenting approaches one of which is Incredible Years 

The Incredible Years Pre school Basic programme (2-8 years)  is part of the Incredible Years Series developed by Dr Caroline Webster-Stratton. These programmes are designed to promote emotional, social and academic skills and abilities as well as working to prevent or reduce behavioural and emotional concerns in young children.  

Incredible Years is a programme delivered worldwide and is based on a strong evidence base. The developers have completed trial groups over 3 decades with parents and teachers of children with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD.


Outcomes of this research indicated:  

  • A reduction in parental stress and depression 

  • An increase in positive family communications and problem solving  

  • A change from reactive discipline to proactive responses  

  • An increase in academic performance and school engagement  

  • Increase in childrens emotional literacy, social skills, problem solving and compliance.

Incredible Years is delivered in either a group or individual basis. The programme uses experimental learning, skills practice, goal setting and reflection as well as utilising principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Which children can this help:

  • Children with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties including conduct disorders such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

  • Children with neurodevelopment conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • Children struggling with developmental or language delays  

  • Parents/carers of children aged 2-8 years old


Father and Son Playing

What to expect?

The programme is delivered in stages shown in a pyramid format. The foundation of the pyramid is Play. During this section parents are encouraged to think about the role of attention and communication, empathy, play, self-esteem, co-operation and attachment.  The next section focuses on Praise where parents are supported to develop skills in social, emotional, academic and persistence coaching, positive praise and incentives. As parents move up the pyramid, Effective limit setting considers household rules, clear limits and consistent follow-through. Parents are asked to consider how they give commands and how to make commands effective. Once these foundations are in place parents will then consider multiple behavioural management strategies such as Ignore where the role of attentions is discussed in more detail and the top of the pyramid focuses on Time-Out. There are 2 different types of time out; time out for aggressive behaviour and time out for emotional regulation. Parents will also consider consequences within this section.  

During sessions parents are encouraged to set a goal related to the topic. Parents and their practitioner will then practice using role play, allowing the parent to experience the approaches from the point of view of the child. Parents are given hand-outs for reference and are then expected to implement the strategies during the week, recording what has worked well or what has not worked so well. The initial part of the following session is used to review the progress of the week before.  

Sessions are typically for one hour and weekly where possible, however this will be agreed together based on your needs as a family.  The amount of sessions required will depend on the individual needs of your family however on average the intervention should be planned for 3 months. 

Session fee is £60-£80.


As part of our mission to be accessible to as many families as possible we are offering a reduced rate scheme. Reduced rates are available to families who are currently claiming Universal credit more information in FAQ page.


 For more information about sessions please see the FAQ page. Please note there is a 48 hour cancellation period required otherwise full fee will apply once a session has been agreed.

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