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Family Time
Therapeutic Support

SORT offer coaching to parents/carers who require support in understanding their child’s presentation or to think about new or different ways to respond to behaviours. We support couples, separated parents, co-parents, single parents, foster parents, adoptive parents and any other form of parenting team. As well as supporting with managing and understanding a child’s presentation SORT supports parents to build on their relationships and connections with their child when things have felt strained or conflicted. 

We provide evidence based NVR and Incredible Years informed programmes individually if groups are not suitable or parents do not wish to attend a group for more information please see NVR and Incredible Years pages. We support parents/carers who want to feel more united in their parenting approach by working with them together to try and improve communication and negotiation around consistent parenting. We help parents to think about how to challenge their own thoughts and feelings around different presentations such as fear, guilt, accommodation, frustration etc. Part of parent coaching is supporting parents to identify their own triggers and thoughts in response to their child and thinking about how to become aware of this and challenge this where appropriate.  


We also provide Family Therapy for families that have more complex challenges that need more in-depth support, please see our Family Therapy page.

Individual support is undertaken alongside parent support or family sessions, as the real goal is to strengthen family relationships and to improve connections. This approach is informed by our belief that children/young people do not live in isolation, that lasting change comes from supporting relationships in their lives. We can offer child and young people evidence based therapeutic interventions informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Psychodynamic and trauma approaches. We can also offer specialist approaches of Art Therapy and individual Systemic Psychotherapy.  For more information please see our Individual Support page.

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